Episode 35: The Last Warrior / The Last Patrol

The Last Patrol

On this month’s episode, we’re taking a look back at 2000’s The Last Patrol (also known as The Last Warrior for its American release)!  In this post-apocalyptic-esque story, Dolph Lundgren plays Nick Preston, a military captain who leads a small group of survivors across a California wasteland in the aftermath of a cataclysmic earthquake!  Joining me to discuss this film is David Rosen, host of the Piecing It Together podcast!  How exactly does an earthquake turn the state of California into a desert (one that looks oddly like Israel)?  Could Lundgren’s band of survivors be one of the oddest teams ever assembled on film?  In what ways were Lundgren and director Sheldon Lettich hampered by the film’s meager budget?  And what exactly was the husband-wife writing/producing team going for when they conceptualized the screenplay?  Join David and I as we embark on The Last Patrol!

Major thanks to director, Sheldon Lettich for taking the time to answer my questions!  Also, thanks to David Rosen for joining me.  Please check out his movie review podcast, Piecing It Together, as well as his website and Youtube channel!

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Episode 34: The Minion

The Minion

On this month’s episode, it’s Dolph vs. the Antichrist!  …or more specifically, Dolph vs. the servant to the Antichrist — in 1998’s The Minion!  In this supernatural thriller, Lundgren stars as a warrior monk named Lukas who’s sent to New York to stop a wicked demon from unleashing the Antichrist upon humanity!  Joining the show to chat this one is Tom Jolliffe, screenwriter and content contributor to the website, Flickering Myth!  Just how cool is Lundgren’s demon-smashing weapon (and why would writers have it disappear so soon in the film)?  In what ways are the film’s budgetary constraints apparent?  Could this be the most Canadian of all of Lundgren’s films?  And why does the climax have Dolph battling a door?  Join Tom and I as we try to make sense of Lundgren’s foray into the realm of supernatural-religious action, The Minion!

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Episode 33: Storm Catcher

storm catcher

On this month’s episode, we’re taking a look at 1999’s Storm Catcher!  In this film, Lundgren goes back to playing an Air Force pilot once again, only this time as a pilot with the expertise in flying the “Storm Catcher” — a top secret stealth fighter jet!  Yet when the stealth jet is stolen, Lundgren finds himself set up for the crime and in a fight against his very own government!  This was Lundgren’s first of three films with the Andrew Stevens/Jim Wynorski-production house, Phoenician Entertainment, yet this one stands out a little more, especially when compared to all of the other stealth fighter action movies that hit the direct-to-video market around the late-90’s.  Joining me once again to discuss this movie is Brenton Haysom from the website, All Outta Bubblegum!  How does everyone involved make use of the film’s abundance of stock footage?  In what ways does director, Anthony Hickox add a horror vibe to the action sequences?   And in a film about a stealth fighter, why is the airplane “stealthily” absent from the film?  Listen in as Brenton and I fly headfirst into Storm Catcher!

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Episode 32: Aquaman


On this month’s episode, we close out the “2018 — Lundgrenaissance” and take a look at the latest DC comic book adaptation, Aquaman, currently in theaters (and still crushing it at the box office)!  In this underwater adventure, Jason Momoa stars as Arthur Curry, a.k.a. Aquaman, a half-man / half-Atlantian who battles his half-brother Orm for the title as King of Atlantis.  Dolph Lundgren takes on a supporting role as King Nereus, an Atlantian king whose loyalties teeter between both both prospective heirs to the throne as a full-on oceanic war erupts!  Joining the show once again is my buddy Chris Prentice!  How is it that the one superhero who’s always been a punchline is now the one who’s leading the DCEU films?  How does Lundgren do at playing a king (surprisingly, a first in his career)?  Is too much CGI a good thing or a bad thing?  And just how amazing is Lundgren’s entrance in the film?  Join Chris and I as we take a deep dive into Aquaman!

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Episode 31: Interview with stunt double, Tony Messenger

Unisol DOR

Happy new year!  A new interview episode has arrived to help kick off 2019!  On this episode, I had the privilege of speaking with Dolph Lundgren’s very own go-to stunt double, Tony Messenger!  Tony Messenger has been doubling for Lundgren since 2010’s The Expendables.  Ever since, the two have become a well-oiled machine, collaborating in almost 20 projects!  In this fun discussion, Messenger and I chat his kickboxing background, the genesis of he and Lundgren’s working relationship, and what he has in store for 2019!    What are the struggles and benefits of doubling for an action star?  Listen in to find out!

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Episode 30: Creed II

Creed II dragos

2018 — The Year of Dolph. Or the “Lundgrenaissance.” On this month’s episode, we’re discussing the next installment in the Rocky franchise, Creed II!  While this is a giant leap ahead in the filmography of Dolph, there’s no denying the momentous year that Lundgren has been having!  And now is the time to talk about it! In this sequel to 2015’s smash hit, Creed, Lundgren returns to the role that initially made him a star 33 years ago — Ivan Drago!  Joining me once again for this inevitable discussion is Craig Cohen of the SlyCast! What is it about this franchise and these characters who continue to enthrall so many for over 40 years?  How was director Stephen Caple and everyone involved able to take the cartoon that is Rocky IV and ground it into the real world of Creed?  Is Lundgren’s Ivan Drago truly a villain?  Where can this series go should it decide to continue?  And where would we like to see Lundgren’s and Stallone’s careers go at this point?

Listen in as the hosts of the Stallone podcast and the Lundgren podcast join forces once again and BREAK down Creed II currently in theaters!

Major thanks to Craig Cohen for joining.  Please check out his podcasts, the SlyCast and Big Screen Book Club, as well as his Ramones Blog: ramonespinhead.blogspot.com!

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Episode 29: Interview with Chad Law, writer of BLACK WATER

On this bonus episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with screenwriter, Chad Law.  Law is a rising voice in the action genre who’s had an amazing past couple years. Chad Law has written films starring Dolph Lundgren, Jean Claude-Van Damme, Scott Adkins, and many more!  One of these films was this year’s Van Damme-Lundgren reunion Black Water!  In this thriller, JCVD and Dolph team-up as they attempt to expose the corrupt officials who imprisoned them on a CIA black site submarine!  In this fun discussion, Law and I chat the writing process, his entry into the action genre, his collaborations with action visionary William Kaufman, and what’s coming up for him in the next year!

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Episode 28: Bridge of Dragons

Bridge of Dragons

On this month’s episode, we’re taking a look back at 1999’s Bridge of Dragons.  In this direct-to-video thriller, Dolph Lundgren plays Warchild, a trained killing machine who falls in love with the princess slated to marry the land’s evil dictator and oppressor (played by the always great Cary Tagawa)!  Joining me to chat this film is Ben Johnson, host of the Kung-Fu Move Guide Podcast — your one-stop shop for all the latest news and interviews regarding martial arts cinema! Where exactly does this film take place? What kind of visual flair does director Isaac Florentine add to the film?  How does Lundgren do at revisiting his “mercenary with a heart” character archetype? And in what ways will this film forever be linked to the Power Rangers?  Join Ben and I as we discuss the fantasy-post apocalyptic amalgam that is Bridge of Dragons!

Major thanks to Ben Johnson for joining me!  Please check out is podcast and website, the Kung Fu Movie Guide on iTunes or on SoundCloud!  As always, please feel free to rate and review the show on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever else you go to subscribe!

Episode 27: Interview with actor and producer, Gianni Capaldi

On this special interview episode, I had the privilege of speaking with actor and producer Gianni Capaldi.  Since 2005, Capaldi has added over 40 acting credits to his resume, making him one of the hardest working men in the business today!  Fans of Dolph Lundgren in particular may remember Capaldi for his work in the action trifecta of films, Ambushed, Blood of Redemption, and Puncture Wounds.  In these films Capaldi took on both acting and producing duties.  All filmed back-to-back, these three films were directed by Giorgio Serafini and starred Dolph Lundgren, Gianni Capaldi, and Vinnie Jones.  In this discussion (which occurred just before Capaldi was leaving for a flight to work on his next film!), Capaldi and I discuss acting in and producing multiple films, his upcoming films Among the Shadows (starring Lindsay Lohan), River Runs Red (with John Cusack and Taye Diggs), and what he has in store for 2019 and beyond!

Major thanks to Gianni Capaldi for his time.  Please check out his website: http://www.giannicapaldi.com.  Please feel free to rate and review the show on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever else you go to subscribe!   

Episode 26: Interview with actor and stuntman, Anthony De Longis

On this special episode I had the pleasure of speaking with actor, stuntman, and all-around man of action, Anthony De Longis!  Fans may remember De Longis as Blade, Skeletor’s swordsman for hire tasked with tracking down Dolph’s He-Man in Masters of the Universe.  In addition to facing off against Lundgren 30+ years ago, De Longis has truly made a name for himself not just in film, but as a renowned expert in bladed weapons, the bull whip, and mounted horseback.  On film, De Longis has also squared off against Jet Li, Patrick Swayze, and David Carradine to name a few.  In this spirited discussion, De Longis and I chat suiting up as Blade in 1987’s Masters of the Universe, teaching the likes of Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer the mechanics of the bull whip, and his very own school of adventure – Rancho Indalo, located in Canyon Country, California.  Here, anyone can get one-on-one lessons in how to be action hero!  Join Anthony De Longis and I as we discuss his career and much more!

Major thanks to Anthony De Longis for his time.  Please check out his website: www.delongis.com.

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