Episode 29: Interview with Chad Law, writer of BLACK WATER

On this bonus episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with screenwriter, Chad Law.  Law is a rising voice in the action genre who’s had an amazing past couple years. Chad Law has written films starring Dolph Lundgren, Jean Claude-Van Damme, Scott Adkins, and many more!  One of these films was this year’s Van Damme-Lundgren reunion Black Water!  In this thriller, JCVD and Dolph team-up as they attempt to expose the corrupt officials who imprisoned them on a CIA black site submarine!  In this fun discussion, Law and I chat the writing process, his entry into the action genre, his collaborations with action visionary William Kaufman, and what’s coming up for him in the next year!

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Episode 28: Bridge of Dragons

Bridge of Dragons

On this month’s episode, we’re taking a look back at 1999’s Bridge of Dragons.  In this direct-to-video thriller, Dolph Lundgren plays Warchild, a trained killing machine who falls in love with the princess slated to marry the land’s evil dictator and oppressor (played by the always great Cary Tagawa)!  Joining me to chat this film is Ben Johnson, host of the Kung-Fu Move Guide Podcast — your one-stop shop for all the latest news and interviews regarding martial arts cinema! Where exactly does this film take place? What kind of visual flair does director Isaac Florentine add to the film?  How does Lundgren do at revisiting his “mercenary with a heart” character archetype? And in what ways will this film forever be linked to the Power Rangers?  Join Ben and I as we discuss the fantasy-post apocalyptic amalgam that is Bridge of Dragons!

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Episode 27: Interview with actor and producer, Gianni Capaldi

On this special interview episode, I had the privilege of speaking with actor and producer Gianni Capaldi.  Since 2005, Capaldi has added over 40 acting credits to his resume, making him one of the hardest working men in the business today!  Fans of Dolph Lundgren in particular may remember Capaldi for his work in the action trifecta of films, Ambushed, Blood of Redemption, and Puncture Wounds.  In these films Capaldi took on both acting and producing duties.  All filmed back-to-back, these three films were directed by Giorgio Serafini and starred Dolph Lundgren, Gianni Capaldi, and Vinnie Jones.  In this discussion (which occurred just before Capaldi was leaving for a flight to work on his next film!), Capaldi and I discuss acting in and producing multiple films, his upcoming films Among the Shadows (starring Lindsay Lohan), River Runs Red (with John Cusack and Taye Diggs), and what he has in store for 2019 and beyond!

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Episode 26: Interview with actor and stuntman, Anthony De Longis

On this special episode I had the pleasure of speaking with actor, stuntman, and all-around man of action, Anthony De Longis!  Fans may remember De Longis as Blade, Skeletor’s swordsman for hire tasked with tracking down Dolph’s He-Man in Masters of the Universe.  In addition to facing off against Lundgren 30+ years ago, De Longis has truly made a name for himself not just in film, but as a renowned expert in bladed weapons, the bull whip, and mounted horseback.  On film, De Longis has also squared off against Jet Li, Patrick Swayze, and David Carradine to name a few.  In this spirited discussion, De Longis and I chat suiting up as Blade in 1987’s Masters of the Universe, teaching the likes of Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer the mechanics of the bull whip, and his very own school of adventure – Rancho Indalo, located in Canyon Country, California.  Here, anyone can get one-on-one lessons in how to be action hero!  Join Anthony De Longis and I as we discuss his career and much more!

Major thanks to Anthony De Longis for his time.  Please check out his website: www.delongis.com.

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Episode 25: Sweepers


On this month’s episode we’re taking a look back at 1998’s Sweepers!  In this film Dolph Lundgren plays Christian Erickson, a humanitarian aid worker (with a Special Forces background) who races to stop the development of a new, high-tech landmine in Angola!  This was Lundgren’s second film with production house Nu Image and his first attempt at an action thriller, but one with a message. Don’t worry… the message isn’t as confused as the one in Seagal’s On Deadly Ground.  Joining me to discuss this socially conscious thriller is Brenton Haysom from the website, All Outta Bubblegum, the ultimate fan page devoted to the action movies we all love and enjoy!  To what extent is Lundgren once again channeling Clint Eastwood in this role?  What new touches does he add to the “hero with a tragic past” archetype?  Did this film bring a sense of awareness to the issue of landmines in Africa?  And what exactly is going on with Bruce Payne in this film? Join Brenton and I as we discuss the somewhat overlooked Sweepers!

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Episode 24: Creed II Trailer Breakdown, Predictions, and Anticipation

In this special joint episode with the SlyCast, the Sylvester Stallone Fan Podcast, Craig Cohen and I sit down to breakdown the second trailer that was released for the upcoming Creed II!  Craig and I chat the best moments of the trailer, cast our predictions for where the sequel will go, Bridgette Nielsen’s involvement (?), and the film’s themes of legacy, fathers and sons, and forgiveness.  While Creed II is a couple months away, the anticipation for the film just keeps getting greater!  Join us as we dissect this amazing trailer and what is sure to be one of the best films of 2018!

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Episode 23: Blackjack


In 1998, Dolph Lundgren starring in a syndicated television show seemed like a solid idea.  Add to the fact that Hong Kong action legend John Woo would be taking over directing duties, and this would be an action junkie’s dream come true.  Enter 1998’s Blackjack!  Lundgren plays Jack Devlin – a former US marshal turned bodyguard for hire with a penchant for card tricks and an aversion to the color white!  Unfortunately, the USA network passed on the pilot, and Dimension Films quickly picked it up, packaged it as a feature-length film and released it to home video.  But does Blackjack work as an actual movie?  Joining me to discuss this one is Bryan Coyne, writer and director of the horror films Infernal and Bad Apples!  Had this been picked up, would it have been able to sustain multiple seasons?  What John Woo tropes does Blackjack employ, and which does it not utilize?  Is Lundgren’s white-phobia a stroke of originality or a kryptonite that’s almost too bizarre for its own good?  And just how amazing is the “milk scene”?  Join us as we breakdown the wild television pilot Blackjack!

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Episode 22: The Peacekeeper


On this episode, my buddy Chris Prentice is back to discuss Dolph Lundgren’s next film, 1997’s The Peacekeeper.  In this direct-to-video action thriller, Lundgren plays Major Frank Cross, a rebellious Air Force pilot assigned to protect the president’s “football” – a briefcase containing access to nuclear strikes!  Yet when a group of terrorists steal the football, it’s up to Lundgren to get it back!  The Peacekeeper was Lundgren’s first film with fledging production house, Nu Image, a partnership that is still continuing to this day.  Why is Montel Williams in this movie?  Just how suave and renegade is Lundgren’s Frank Cross character?  How do the special effects hold up today, especially the Mount Rushmore sequence?  What similarities do The Peacekeeper and George Clooney’s The Peacemaker have in common?  And what is with Lundgren chewing gum in his movies?  Join us as Chris and I take a look back at The Peacekeeper!

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Episode 21: Interview with Steve Latshaw, writer of COMMAND PERFORMANCE

On this special episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with screenwriter Steve Latshaw.  Latshaw co-write the rock ‘n roll action classic Command Performance alongside Dolph Lundgren, which Lundgren also directed and starred in!  In Command Performance Lundgren plays a rock and roll drummer who becomes a one-man army when terrorists take over a rock concert in Moscow!  With well over 30 writing credits to his name and experience working alongside some of the biggest action stars, Latshaw sure had plenty to say regarding the ever-changing landscape of action cinema.  In addition to taking me through the script-writing process, Latshaw also helped answer these burning questions: How the genre has evolved over the years? How has Lundgren managed to stay relevant? How did Lundgren and Latshaw work to make sure that Command Performance pumped originality into the traditional Die Hard-trope?  How does Lundgren’s generosity extend beyond the film sets?  And what projects does Latshaw have lined up for the next year?  Join us as we answer these questions and many more!

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Episode 20: Interview with Vince DiCola, composer of ROCKY IV

On this special episode I had the privilege and honor to speak with legendary composer Vince DiCola, the man behind the music of Rocky IV!  Vince and I chat the inspiration and thought process that went into developing Rocky IV’s iconic score, the instruments used to create Ivan Drago’s chilling entrance in the film, scoring the animated Transformers movie in 1986, and each of these film’s scores’ enduring legacy 30 years later!  We also discuss his upcoming show “An Evening with Vince DiCola” taking place on September 20, 2018 at the famous Whiskey a Go Go in West Hollywood!  Tickets can be purchased here.  If you’re in the area, please check it out!

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