Episode 1: Rocky IV

rocky-iv punchHere’s where it all began folks…  Lundgren’s cinematic debut — Rocky IV.  Well, technically, the James Bond film A View to a Kill was the debut of Dolph, but it only seemed fitting that this podcast begin with the true, definitive film that started it all!  My good friend (and fellow Lundgren scholar), Chris Prentice joins me in dissecting this 32-year-old classic film.  What is it about this film that is so addictively watchable?  Is it a boxing drama, or an action film?  Why are Drago’s few lines so quotable, even to this day?  What is Rocky’s true motivation in challenging Drago?  Could Drago be one of the most sympathetic opponents in the Rocky franchise?  Was Paulie’s robot a stroke of writing genius, or a true indicator of ’80’s excess?  Join us as Chris and I attempt to answer these and other questions in the Rocky mythos.

Special thanks to Chris Prentice for joining me.  Also, special shout out to Fesliyan Studios for the show’s intro. music track.