Episode 2: Masters of the Universe

MOTUOn this month’s episode, I’m joined by Jeremie Damoiseau, of the Dolph Ultimate website to discuss the second film in Lundgren’s filmography — the 1987 cult classic, Masters of the Universe.  Coming off the heels of the wildly popular Rocky IV, Lundgren was an overnight sensation, and the renegade studio, Cannon Films immediately latched onto him as their next potential action star.  He was muscular, blonde, and had the necessary look to play ’80’s toy icon, He-Man in their much anticipated adaptation of the Masters toyline.  Funded by Cannon Films and Mattel Toys, Masters of the Universe came and went when it was released in August 1987 and didn’t help increase sales in the Masters of the Universe toyline.  Yet to this day, Masters of the Universe remains a cherished artifact for many.  30 years later, how does Masters hold up today?  What kind of pressure was Lundgren facing while making the film?  What kind of problems was Gary Goddard up against?  Can the concept of the Masters of the Universe franchise even be translated effectively in film, or is it too out there?  What would a potential sequel have looked like?  Join Jeremie and I as we attempt to deconstruct this childhood favorite of ours, as well as our gateway into the awesomeness that is Dolph Lundgren!

Special thanks to Jeremie Damoiseau for joining me.  Please check out his website:  dolph-ultimate.com and dolph-forum.com.

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Also, special shout out to Fesliyan Studios for the show’s intro. track.