Episode 6: I Come in Peace / Dark Angel


It’s Christmas time in Houston, and a particularly evil creature is stirring… one from outer space who wants your brain endorphins!  Fortunately for Houston, they have Jack Caine!  On this episode, Chris Prentice joins me once again to discuss the next film in Dolph Lundgren’s filmography, I Come in Peace, a.k.a. Dark Angel.  In this violent, witty, and original ‘90’s action film, Lundgren plays a maverick Houston detective on the trail of an intergalactic drug dealer.  This was Lundgren’s fifth leading role, as well as his opportunity to showcase not just some of his martial arts skills, but his ability to play what was relatively new territory for him at the time… a regular guy.  Despite its unique premise, killer direction, and fun supporting characters, I Come in Peace did not find its audience until home video.  And almost 30 years later, I Come in Peace is still a blast to come back to.  It’s a reminder of what made ‘90’s action movies so memorable.  What do director Craig R. Baxley, Dolph Lundgren, and Matthias Hues all bring to this film?  What kind of an advantage did casting essentially athletes bring to the film’s stunt work and action sequences?  Why does the evil alien speak only four words (an ironic phrase at that), while the good alien is fluent in English?  Does the film have one too many plot threads, or does it balance them all just right?  And just how badass is Lundgren’s Jack Caine?  Join us as Chris and I answer these and all other burning questions, in addition to establishing our new mantra – What Would Caine Do?

Special thanks to Chris Prentice for once again joining me.  Also, special shout out to Fesliyan Studios for the show’s opening music.  Please feel free to rate and review the show on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever else you subscribe!!!