Episode 7: Cover-Up


After boxing Rocky Balboa, battling Skeletor, and taking out an intergalactic drug dealer, Dolph Lundgren took it a little easier for his sixth outing in the moody, Hitchcock-esque thriller, Cover-Up.  The film was a slight change of pace for Lundgren, where he plays Mike Anderson, an American journalist in Israel covering the mysterious bombing of a US naval base.  More of a thriller than a straight-up action film, Cover-Up reteamed Lundgren with his Punisher co-star Louis Gossett Jr.  The film had the makings for a decent political thriller, but is it able to pull it off?  Marcus Jones of the “Jean-Pod Van Damme” podcast joins me to discuss the film and to answer some other burning questions:  Is the film actually more intelligent and ahead of its time than we’re giving it credit for?  How does Lundgren do at drama?  Why is Lou Gossett Jr. in the film so little?  Just how misleading is the box art for the film?  Why is this one film that has been forgotten and “covered-up” in Lundgren’s classic filmography?  Join us as we “open-up” an analysis of this 27-year-old film.

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