Episode 9: Showdown in Little Tokyo


In 1991, the “buddy cop” genre was a staple of the action films of the era.  Action-packed with tongue firmly in cheek, these films were testosterone-heavy and fun!  Showdown in Little Tokyo remains a prime example of this bygone era.  Dolph Lundgren stars as Sgt. Chris Kenner, a wrecking ball of a cop who is partnered with a young Brandon Lee as they take on the Yakuza who are on the verge of taking over Los Angeles.  And wouldn’t you know it…  These detectives have the necessary martial arts skills needed to stop this takeover!  At barely 80 minutes, Showdown packs in loads of action sequences, Tia Carrere, training montages, funny banter, and unforgettable one-liners (some that I imagine many would choose to forget)!  Joining me to reminisce about this cult classic are two regulars to the show – Chris Prentice and Jeremie Damoiseau (of the Dolph Ultimate website).  Is Lundgren’s Kenner actually a reincarnated samurai warrior (who’s also invincible)?  What does David Michael Frank’s memorable score bring to the film?  Exactly how many continuity errors are present in Showdown?  And what is with Brandon Lee’s infamous line of dialogue?  Join us as we discuss Showdown, its production, and cult status 27 years later!

Major thanks to Chris Prentice and Jeremie Damoiseau for joining me.  Please check out Jeremie’s Lundgren fansite: dolph-forum.com.  Also be sure to be on the lookout for Jeremie’s book, The Punisher: The Untold Story of an 80’s Cult Classic, to be released soon in the US!  www.facebook.com/ThePunisher.FilmBook; www.instagram.com/punisher.book; twitter.com/Punisher_Book.

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