Episode 13: Johnny Mnemonic

Who would have thought that after facing the Yakuza, squaring off against Van Damme, and winning the Olympic Gold, Dolph Lundgren would go back to playing a villain for the third round in his career?  Not to mention a religious nutcase???  On this month’s episode, we take a look at 1995’s cyberpunk thriller, Johnny Mnemonic!  In this bizarre cult classic, Keanu Reeves takes center stage as the titular character who smuggles valuable data across borders in his brain!  Lundgren shows up as the Street Preacher – a deranged religious bounty hunter enhanced by cybernetics tasked with hunting down Keanu Reeves’ character at any cost!  While Lundgren’s role is a brief one, he is arguably one of the more memorable aspects of the film.  Joining me to chat this film is Craig Cohen, host of the SlyCast – The Sylvester Stallone Fan Podcast!  Could this be one of Lundgren’s most disturbing characters in his filmography?  Are there one too many characters involved in the film, or does it balance them all just right?  In what ways was Johnny Mnemonic ahead of its time and set the stage for Reeves’ later work, The Matrix?  Is Lundgren in the film too little, or is his screen time just right?  Join Craig and I as we crack open a comprehensive discussion of Johnny Mnemonic!

Major thanks to Craig Cohen for joining me; I’m sure this won’t be the last time!  Please check out Craig’s show, the SlyCast as well as his Ramones blog!  As always, please feel free to rate and review the show on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever else you subscribe!

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