Episode 14: Men of War


In 1994 Dolph Lundgren starred in arguably one of his best films, the heavily underrated and somewhat unnoticed Men of War.  Based on an original script by legendary Hollywood scribe John Sayles, Lundgren turns in a solid performance as Nick Gunnar, a mercenary hired to clear out an island of villagers off of the South China Sea.  Yet this warrior for hire has a change of heart and becomes the island’s savior as he launches a full-on assault against his employers!  Coming back to chat this somewhat hidden gem with me is Jeremie Damoiseau, Lundgren scholar and moderator of the Dolph Ultimate website.  Why is this one of Lundgren’s best performances?  Is it fair to classify this one as solely an action picture, or is this something else?  In what ways is this film’s story superior to Lundgren’s later “men on a mission” film, The Expendables?  And what similarities does this film share with Lundgren’s previous effort Red Scorpion, as well as some of his future outings?  Join us as we take on this excellent piece of 90’s nostalgia!

Major thanks to Jeremie Damoiseau for joining me.  Be on the lookout for his book on the making of Lundgren’s The Punisher.  Also, if you have a region-free blu-ray player, please check out the Men of War Special Collector’s edition with a special making of documentary on the film.  Check out a clip from the documentary here.  Also, for all things Dolph, past, present, and future, check out the Dolph Ultimate website!