Episode 15: Interview with Perry Lang, director of MEN OF WAR

Perry Lang

The discussion of Men of War continues!  On this month’s episode I had the pleasure of discussing this awesome film some more, this time with the director himself, Perry Lang!  Lang has been in the Hollywood game for almost 30 years as both an actor and a director.  In 1994 he was given the opportunity to direct this mercenary film, and the results were glorious!  What did Lang change from John Sayles’ original script?  Why did the film unfairly bypass a theatrical release and premiere on home video?  How does directing a film differ from a television show?  And what can audiences expect from Lang’s return to movies with An Interview with God, slated to be released August 20, 21, and 22?  Join us as Perry Lang and I chat his career and one of the most underrated films in the Dolph Lundgren canon – Men of War!

Check out the trailer for An Interview with God here.

Major thanks to Perry Lang for sitting down with me!  Feel free to rate and review the show on Itunes, Stitcher, or wherever else you subscribe!


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