Episode 36: Jill the Ripper / Jill Rips

Jill the Ripper

On this month’s episode, All Outta Bubblegum’s Brenton Haysom is back to help discuss the second film in the Lundgren-Phoenician Entertainment package deal, Jill the Ripper!  In this moody atmospheric thriller, Dolph Lundgren plays Matt Sorenson, a burnt-out former detective who enters the seedy underworld of Boston as he searches for the female serial killer who offed his brother.  If this doesn’t sound your typical Lundgren flick, you’d be correct — it’s not…  Which leads to some of the film’s advantages and problems.  How does Lundgren do at tackling a mystery with such disturbing undertones?  Why does this film take place in the 70’s?  What’s going on with the casting, especially the villains?  And are the various plot twists and turns surprising at all?  Join Brenton and I as we take on arguably the wildest film in the Lundgren canon, Jill the Ripper!

For kill counts, review, and video essays, check out more of Brenton’s work at All Outta Bubblegum!  Major thanks to Brenton for joining me.  Please feel free to rate and review the show on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever else you go to subscribe!

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