Episode 39: Interview with Giorgio Serafini, director of THE TRACKER

Giorgio Serafini

On this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Giorgio Serafini! Serafini is an accomplished writer and director, who’s worked with Dolph Lundgren five times, one of which being Lundgren’s next film, The Tracker!  In this discussion, Serafini was gracious enough to chat about his transition from Belgium to Hollywood, how he fell into the action genre of films, what fans can expect to see from Dolph in The Tracker, and what he has coming up here in the next year!

Major thanks to Giorgio Serafini for his time!  Also, please check out The Tracker, releasing in select theaters and on demand Friday, August 9th!  Check out the trailer here.

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Episode 38: Agent Red

agent red

On this month’s episode, All Outta Bubblegum’s Brenton Haysom is back once again to close out our discussion on the Dolph Lundgren-Phoenician Entertainment trifecta of films!  This time we’re taking a look at a particularly low point in Dolph’s filmography, 2000’s Agent Red!  In this strange collection of stock footage that’s masquerading as a real movie, Lundgren plays Matt Hendricks, a military tough guy who’s tasked with escorting a lethal chemical agent aboard a submarine.  Yet when Russian terrorists hijack the sub, Dolph punches and kicks his way to see that the virus is not unleashed on American soil! Just what exactly went on behind the scenes with this one?  Is everyone involved in this film playing a joke on the target demographic?  And just how “hot” is the titular chemical agent?  Join Brenton and I as we crack open a few cold ones and get through the mess that is Agent Red!

Major thanks to Brenton for joining me once again.  For kill counts, reviews, and video essays, please check out All Outta Bubblegum!

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