Episode 42: Interview with Daniel Zirilli, of ACCELERATION (directed by Michael Merino and Zirilli)


On this month’s interview episode, the discussion surrounding Lundgren’s latest film, Acceleration continues!  Daniel Zirilli, the director of Acceleration (alongside Michael Merino), was gracious to chat with the show regarding the film, as well as his overall work in the action genre, and his multiple collaborations with Lundgren.  We also chat his entrance into filmmaking by way of music videos, financing films in the current age of streaming media, and what fans can expect from his other two action films slated to be released this year — Hollow Point starring Luke Goss and Jay Mohr and Invincible starring Johnny Strong and Marko Zaror!  A great conversation with a true auteur and pioneer in the genre!

Major thanks to Daniel Zirilli for his time; he was an absolute treat to speak to!  Feel free to follow him on Instagram @danielzirilli.  Please check out Acceleration hitting select theaters and Video On Demand on November 8th!  Please feel free to rate and review the show on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever else you go to subscribe!


Episode 41: Detention (2003)


On this month’s episode, we’re taking a look back at the 2003 Nu Image production, Detention!  In this oddball action thriller, Dolph Lundgren takes on relatively new territory… high school!  Lundgren plays Sam Decker, a former soldier, now high school teacher who leads a group of rebellious misfit students against a ruthless band of mercenaries that have entered the school after hours!  Joining me to discuss this one is my buddy and ultra-cinefile, Nathan Burt!  What exactly are the villains’ motives for using the school as the base for their dastardly deeds?  Is this group of teenage misfits as endearing as John Hughes‘ Breakfast Club crew?  And just how effective is Lundgren as a high school teacher?  Join Nathan and I as we stay after school and chat the absurdity that is Detention!

Major thanks to Nathan Burt for joining me.  For film review essays and musings, check out his blog, “Cerebration on Celluloid”!  Please feel free to rate and review the show on iTunes, Stitcher, or your podcast app of choice!

Episode 41: Interview with Natalie Burn, actor/producer on ACCELERATION

Acceleration-posternatalie burn

On this special episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Natalie Burn, star of Lundgren’s upcoming film, Acceleration, co-starring Danny Trejo, Chuck Liddell, Sean Patrick Flannery, and Curtis “Rampage” Jackson!  In addition to starring in the film, Burn also headed up producing duties through her company, 7Heaven Productions!  In this discussion, Burn and I chat Acceleration, her move from the Ukraine to Hollywood, and what she has in store for 2019!  Natalie Burn is a rising and accomplished name in the business today, who we’ll be seeing more of in the coming years!

Major thanks to Natalie Burn for her time.  Feel free to rate and review the show on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever else you go to subscribe!  Also, check out Acceleration, hitting Video on Demand on November 8, 2019!  Check out the trailer here.  Also, please check out Natalie Burn’s web page here.