Episode 44: Interview with Eduardo Rodriguez, director of STASH HOUSE

img_0192Stash House

On this month’s interview episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with writer and director, Eduardo Rodriguez!  Rodriguez is a talented professional with a passion and expertise in the genres of horror, action, and science fiction!  In 2012 Rodriguez directed two films for the After Dark production house, El Gringo starring Scott Adkins and Stash House starring Dolph Lundgren.  In Stash House, Lundgren stars as a sadistic company man who’s hellbent on reclaiming the contraband that is stored in a “too-good-to-be-true” foreclosed home!  In this discussion, Rodriguez and I chat his move from Venezuela to Hollywood, directing independent action and horror films, working alongside Lundgren, and his upcoming endeavors here in the next year!

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Episode 43: Retrograde


On this month’s episode, we’re traveling to the Antarctic to prevent a global epidemic from wiping out humanity in 2004’s science fiction thriller, Retrograde!  In this time-traveling b-flick, Dolph Lundgren plays Captain John Foster, a genetically-enhanced soldier from 200 years in the future who travels back to 2004 to prevent said disaster.  Joining me to chat this ambitious slice of sci-fi is Catherine Gonzales, editor and chief of Shuffle Online!  Do the production values appropriately serve the ambition of the script and overall idea?  What kinds of limitations were the director and everyone involved up against in production?  Why is Gary Daniels in the film (and why is he wasted)?  And what is with the film’s usage of motorcycle attire?  Listen in as Catherine and I take on Dolph’s second foray into science fiction — Retrograde!

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