Episode 68: The Expendables, Part II

With a film as awesome as The Expendables, one episode simply wasn’t going to be enough! In Part II of our Expendables discussion, we have two regulars coming back to the show — the always dependable Chris Prentice is back once again, this time reminiscing with me on the announcement, hype, and overall excitement leading up to the release of The Expendables in August 2010! After, Matt Poirier from the Direct to Video Connoisseur blog and podcast comes back to the show and we discuss the film’s effect on the action genre, particularly the direct-to-video market. In what ways was this film a boon and an almost last hurrah for these types of movies? And how did this film change the trajectory in Dolph’s career going forward? Listen in as we close out the discussion surrounding The Expendables!

Major thanks to Chris Prentice and Matt Poirier for coming back! Be sure to check out the Direct to Video Connoisseur, which examines the plethora of movies that bypass theaters and head direct-to-video!

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Intro. and outro. music to the show is “Sports Action” by Audionautix.

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