Episode 91: Section 8

On this month’s episode, we’re chatting Lundgren’s most recent film, Section 8! In this star-studded effort (which is currently available on streaming), Dolph stars alongside Ryan Kwanten, Dermot Mulroney, Mickey Rourke, and Scott Adkins in a tale filled with revenge, government espionage, and way more twists than you’d expect from a 90-minute actioner! Ryan Kwanten takes the lead as Jake Atherton, a retired soldier who’s back on US soil after a stint in the middle east. Yet the violence has a way of finding him when he’s recruited by a shadowy covert organization to carry out government assassinations. And when it’s clear that Jake is actually working for the bad guys instead, he enlists his former army buddy and mentor (played by Dolph!) to help him take out Section 8! Returning to the show to help me discuss this one once again is action movie expert, Vern from the website, outlawvern.com! How does the film do in balancing its cast? How is Mickey Rourke utilized in his brief role? Just how integral is Dolph Lundgren to the movie? How is it that so many seem to know about Section 8 and seemingly do nothing about it? And how does Scott Adkins’ presence (and late arrival) save this film? Listen in as Vern and I enter Section 8!

Major thanks to Vern for coming back! Please be sure to check out his website: http://www.outlawvern.com. You can also read his many books, Seagalogy, Niketown, and Worm on a Hook available on Amazon or where ever books are sold! Section 8 is currently available on video on demand as well as AMC+! Please be sure to check out the the official webpage for the show: http://www.imustbreakthispodcast.wordpress.com. Also, please check out and follow the show’s Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/imustbreakthispodcast.com. Opening intro. and outro. music is “Sports Action” by Audionautix.


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