Episode 46: Interview with Uwe Boll, director of IN THE NAME OF THE KING 2

Uwe Boll

On this special interview episode, I had the privilege of speaking with the man, the myth, the BOLL!  Director Uwe Boll was gracious enough to sit down and chat with the show regarding his career in the movie business, as well as his role as the proprietor of Vancouver’s fine dining eatery — the Bauhaus!  Even if you’ve never seen one of Uwe Boll’s movies, you’ve undoubtedly heard of him!  Boll gained notoriety in 2003 directing House of the Dead, and followed this up with numerous other video game adaptations.  He also went on to direct dozens of other, more serious fare over the years, earning him a fascinating, albeit controversial reputation.  In this discussion, Uwe Boll and I chat his retiring from making movies, him taking on his critics, the current state of films, particularly in the age of streaming media, and his moving into the restaurant business.  We also chat the film he directed starring Dolph Lundgren — In the Name of the King 2, the wild follow-up to the 2008 film starring Jason Statham.  Regardless if you love him or hate him, you can’t help but admire Uwe Boll’s tenacity, drive, honesty, and passion!

Major thanks to Dr. Uwe Boll for his time.  If you’re in Vancouver, please check out his restaurant, the Bauhaus!

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Episode 45: Direct Action

Direct Action

On this month’s episode, it’s Dolph going back to basics and delivering a comeback before he really had his theatrical comebacks in 2004’s Direct Action! In this throwback to the Joel Silver action flicks of the ’80’s and ’90’s, Dolph plays Frank Gannon, an upstanding karate-kicking police detective who takes on the crooked cops in his very own unit! While the premise may not be anything highly original, this was Dolph revamping and resetting his career in the ultimate ass-kicking fashion! And who better to discuss this ridiculous cop movie than with an actual cop! Doug Greenberg, host of the Rocky Minute joins the show to chat Direct Action in all its action-packed and absurd fun! Which of the movie cop tropes does this film have fun with? Where exactly is the film’s “Metropolitan Police Department” located? And what is the significance of Dolph constantly chewing gum in the film (a repeat in his career)? Listen in as Doug and I go on duty to discuss Direct Action!

Major thanks to Doug Greenberg for joining me! Please check out his podcast, The Rocky Minute, in which he covers every one of the Rocky films, one minute at a time!

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Episode 44: Interview with Eduardo Rodriguez, director of STASH HOUSE

img_0192Stash House

On this month’s interview episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with writer and director, Eduardo Rodriguez!  Rodriguez is a talented professional with a passion and expertise in the genres of horror, action, and science fiction!  In 2012 Rodriguez directed two films for the After Dark production house, El Gringo starring Scott Adkins and Stash House starring Dolph Lundgren.  In Stash House, Lundgren stars as a sadistic company man who’s hellbent on reclaiming the contraband that is stored in a “too-good-to-be-true” foreclosed home!  In this discussion, Rodriguez and I chat his move from Venezuela to Hollywood, directing independent action and horror films, working alongside Lundgren, and his upcoming endeavors here in the next year!

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Episode 43: Retrograde


On this month’s episode, we’re traveling to the Antarctic to prevent a global epidemic from wiping out humanity in 2004’s science fiction thriller, Retrograde!  In this time-traveling b-flick, Dolph Lundgren plays Captain John Foster, a genetically-enhanced soldier from 200 years in the future who travels back to 2004 to prevent said disaster.  Joining me to chat this ambitious slice of sci-fi is Catherine Gonzales, editor and chief of Shuffle Online!  Do the production values appropriately serve the ambition of the script and overall idea?  What kinds of limitations were the director and everyone involved up against in production?  Why is Gary Daniels in the film (and why is he wasted)?  And what is with the film’s usage of motorcycle attire?  Listen in as Catherine and I take on Dolph’s second foray into science fiction — Retrograde!

Please check out Catherine Gonzales’ website and podcast, Shuffle Online!

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Episode 42: Interview with Daniel Zirilli, of ACCELERATION (directed by Michael Merino and Zirilli)


On this month’s interview episode, the discussion surrounding Lundgren’s latest film, Acceleration continues!  Daniel Zirilli, the director of Acceleration (alongside Michael Merino), was gracious to chat with the show regarding the film, as well as his overall work in the action genre, and his multiple collaborations with Lundgren.  We also chat his entrance into filmmaking by way of music videos, financing films in the current age of streaming media, and what fans can expect from his other two action films slated to be released this year — Hollow Point starring Luke Goss and Jay Mohr and Invincible starring Johnny Strong and Marko Zaror!  A great conversation with a true auteur and pioneer in the genre!

Major thanks to Daniel Zirilli for his time; he was an absolute treat to speak to!  Feel free to follow him on Instagram @danielzirilli.  Please check out Acceleration hitting select theaters and Video On Demand on November 8th!  Please feel free to rate and review the show on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever else you go to subscribe!


Episode 41: Detention (2003)


On this month’s episode, we’re taking a look back at the 2003 Nu Image production, Detention!  In this oddball action thriller, Dolph Lundgren takes on relatively new territory… high school!  Lundgren plays Sam Decker, a former soldier, now high school teacher who leads a group of rebellious misfit students against a ruthless band of mercenaries that have entered the school after hours!  Joining me to discuss this one is my buddy and ultra-cinefile, Nathan Burt!  What exactly are the villains’ motives for using the school as the base for their dastardly deeds?  Is this group of teenage misfits as endearing as John Hughes‘ Breakfast Club crew?  And just how effective is Lundgren as a high school teacher?  Join Nathan and I as we stay after school and chat the absurdity that is Detention!

Major thanks to Nathan Burt for joining me.  For film review essays and musings, check out his blog, “Cerebration on Celluloid”!  Please feel free to rate and review the show on iTunes, Stitcher, or your podcast app of choice!

Episode 41: Interview with Natalie Burn, actor/producer on ACCELERATION

Acceleration-posternatalie burn

On this special episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Natalie Burn, star of Lundgren’s upcoming film, Acceleration, co-starring Danny Trejo, Chuck Liddell, Sean Patrick Flannery, and Curtis “Rampage” Jackson!  In addition to starring in the film, Burn also headed up producing duties through her company, 7Heaven Productions!  In this discussion, Burn and I chat Acceleration, her move from the Ukraine to Hollywood, and what she has in store for 2019!  Natalie Burn is a rising and accomplished name in the business today, who we’ll be seeing more of in the coming years!

Major thanks to Natalie Burn for her time.  Feel free to rate and review the show on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever else you go to subscribe!  Also, check out Acceleration, hitting Video on Demand on November 8, 2019!  Check out the trailer here.  Also, please check out Natalie Burn’s web page here.

Episode 40: Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda

On this month’s episode, we’re taking a look at the high-tech espionage thriller, Hidden Agenda! In this film Lundgren plays a former government agent who helps hide high-profile witnesses through an elaborate (and deliberately confusing) computer program. Yet when an assassin nicknamed “The Cleaner” begins knocking off his witnesses, Price must enter his own program to unveil the identity of the killer!  Joining me once again to discuss and help unravel this one is Craig Cohen from the SlyCast!  Just how obvious are the film’s Canadian production values?  Would this have been better as a television show?  Do freeze frames make for exciting action sequences?  And does the movie’s convoluted plot work to its benefit or detriment?  Listen in as Craig and try to understand the weirdness of Hidden Agenda!

Major thanks to Craig Cohen for joining me once again!  Please check out the SlyCast, the Sylvester Stallone fan podcast!

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Episode 39: Interview with Giorgio Serafini, director of THE TRACKER

Giorgio Serafini

On this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Giorgio Serafini! Serafini is an accomplished writer and director, who’s worked with Dolph Lundgren five times, one of which being Lundgren’s next film, The Tracker!  In this discussion, Serafini was gracious enough to chat about his transition from Belgium to Hollywood, how he fell into the action genre of films, what fans can expect to see from Dolph in The Tracker, and what he has coming up here in the next year!

Major thanks to Giorgio Serafini for his time!  Also, please check out The Tracker, releasing in select theaters and on demand Friday, August 9th!  Check out the trailer here.

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Episode 38: Agent Red

agent red

On this month’s episode, All Outta Bubblegum’s Brenton Haysom is back once again to close out our discussion on the Dolph Lundgren-Phoenician Entertainment trifecta of films!  This time we’re taking a look at a particularly low point in Dolph’s filmography, 2000’s Agent Red!  In this strange collection of stock footage that’s masquerading as a real movie, Lundgren plays Matt Hendricks, a military tough guy who’s tasked with escorting a lethal chemical agent aboard a submarine.  Yet when Russian terrorists hijack the sub, Dolph punches and kicks his way to see that the virus is not unleashed on American soil! Just what exactly went on behind the scenes with this one?  Is everyone involved in this film playing a joke on the target demographic?  And just how “hot” is the titular chemical agent?  Join Brenton and I as we crack open a few cold ones and get through the mess that is Agent Red!

Major thanks to Brenton for joining me once again.  For kill counts, reviews, and video essays, please check out All Outta Bubblegum!

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