Episode 40: Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda

On this month’s episode, we’re taking a look at the high-tech espionage thriller, Hidden Agenda! In this film Lundgren plays a former government agent who helps hide high-profile witnesses through an elaborate (and deliberately confusing) computer program. Yet when an assassin nicknamed “The Cleaner” begins knocking off his witnesses, Price must enter his own program to unveil the identity of the killer!  Joining me once again to discuss and help unravel this one is Craig Cohen from the SlyCast!  Just how obvious are the film’s Canadian production values?  Would this have been better as a television show?  Do freeze frames make for exciting action sequences?  And does the movie’s convoluted plot work to its benefit or detriment?  Listen in as Craig and try to understand the weirdness of Hidden Agenda!

Major thanks to Craig Cohen for joining me once again!  Please check out the SlyCast, the Sylvester Stallone fan podcast!

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